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If you have been working on your syllabus with us, starting with a profile of your target audience, then a list of challenges they face, and finally a description of how you will support and empower them, you are probably beginning to wonder how you can actually draw in the audience that you plan to guide.

One effective way to bring the right people to your platform is to engage with the platforms of other individuals and institutions who have a similar audience.

Where Does Your Audience Gather?

The fourth step in a Public Platform syllabus is to create a list of places that your audience already frequents. What conferences or events do they attend? What publications do they read—magazines, newspapers, journals, blogs, etc.? What YouTube channels or podcasts do they enjoy? What organizations are they are part of, and what organizations do they follow? Where do they get their information? What books do they read? Who do they trust? Where do they discuss the issues they care about?

Engaging with Other Platforms

Once you have your list of platforms, organizations, and people that are key for your audience, think about how you might make yourself more visible through those platforms. Are you writing for those publications? Can you be a guest blogger or a guest on a podcast? Are you a member of the organizations? Are you making the most of your network?

Even if you don’t yet have a platform, chances are you know people/organizations who do, or are already creating content for or participating in the publications, events, etc. that you listed as relevant for your audience. Collaborating with your connections is an extremely effective way for you to interact with and be introduced to people who are also passionate about what you are passionate about. It is mutually beneficial for the people you collaborate with when you can bring something valuable to the table as a guest, member, or organizer while also taking the opportunity to let people know about your platform and encourage them to join your tribe.

Having a list of the places that your audience gathers in your syllabus is an important way to get started with your plan for promoting your platform.

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